Caurie de Cristal

First, English is not my first language, so sorry if it is not correct.

I used to make different albums and give people pleasure as they found their stories in my songs. Here is a photo from one of those albums, Celebration With Roses
Sonia Dersion But this song, Sweet Paradise its nothing to do with what I have been doing before. As I said I would be happy to be hided or be hidden so that nobody know who I am, hence Caurie de Cristal. Its another message. I hope this song will open lots and lots of people’s consciousness about what is really happening and make them realise that we can do is not just little drop in the ocean.
Actually the ocean is full of drops! So we don’t have to do a lot if we feel we are afraid and can’t make a difference. There is always a little something that we can do and we are billions of people, so if each of us are doing a little something it will be enough to make a huge change.
Caurie de Cristal comes from Caurie, which is a shell, and Cristal (French for Crystal) is fragile and I love them. So I said why not Caurie de Cristal. There is a little bit of spirituality, also in my song. ‘Cos I believe that we are not alone, in fact I know it and there is a difference between believing something and knowing something. when you know you know. Nobody can say you are talking rubbish, as long as they not get the same experience. So I feel great writing this song, I felt inspired but there was something more happen…and well I feel like it’s a duty.
This interest in crystals has led me to meet Takako Page, a Japanese lady that makes jewellery in Battlesbridge, UK. She feels similarly to me about the power of rocks and crystals. I am hoping to design some jewellery with her. It is fascinating because it is not comparable wearing silver or real rock on your finger or on your chest and than wearing plastic. Its not the same. It does make a difference, I know what I am wearing now, it is real rock. It is nice to feel.