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Sweet Paradise - Caurie de Cristal

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Sweet Paradise  by Caurie de Cristal is excellent and beautifully emotional” – GRAHAM WALKER (Schrek Films) 

It has a lovely rhythmic, African feel about it with smooth laid back vocals.” – DAVID ‘KID’ JENSON (DJ/Presenter)


Born Free Logo“Our consistent mission at the Born Free Foundation is to provide a voice for our planet’s incredible wildlife protecting threatened species in their natural habitat and stopping individual animal suffering. Through the release of her fantastic new single, Sweet Paradise, Caurie de Cristal has now added her exceptional voice to ours. With her support we can make this a better world” – WILL TRAVERS, OBE (President of Born Free Foundation)

The lyrics are very profound and send a message to all individuals living on our planet that with respect for each other we can and will be supported by the power of Mother Nature and Mother Earth.

Caurie de Cristal is donating 33% of her publishing royalties to Born Free Foundation.

Also you can Download 3 Tracks from her last album Celebration With Roses for FREE!

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